COVID-19 Policies

Update on COVID policies:  We will continue to follow the Wyoming Department of Health, Department of Family Services, and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines and recommendations as they are updated.  Currently, our practices include hand washing, monitoring symptoms and not attending (staff and children) if symptomatic, encouraging vaccinations, sanitizing, and ventilation.  We have successfully navigated the past 2 years, and we will continue to follow best practices.

HVAC Grant:  We have received a grant to upgrade our HVAC units.  We have utilized the information from the department of health and CDC guidelines for best ventilation systems for COVID prevention measures, and with the help of Laramie Mechanical, we are installing new units with AC, air exchange systems, and ionizers to help eliminate viruses/bacteria/allergens in the filtration system. All of our classroom spaces will have air quality in line with best practices and recommendations.  This is such an exciting upgrade, and we are very thankful for the grant funding to be able to complete this project!