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There will be an annual supply fee on your September statement.  This covers the supplies for the year for crayons, paper, markers, glue, etc.  The following is a list of what to bring for your child:

  1. Water bottle (labeled with name) to be taken home to be washed/refilled daily
  2. Backpack – optional. If your child wants a backpack or you want the ease of carrying things back and forth. Most kids enjoy having a school backpack
  3. 1 Box of Kleenex/tissues for your child’s classroom
  4. 1 tub of Clorox/sanitizing wipes for your child’s classroom
  5. A complete change of clothing – in case of accident, mud, whatever. To be stored in their cubby bin to use as needed
  6. Indoor shoes – easy to manage, Crocs, slippers, something to slip on to keep the floors clean.
  7. Daily snacks – to be discussed at orientation, but a morning snack (around 9:30 a.m.) and an afternoon snack (around 3:45) if your child stays late. You can bring a box of snacks to leave, or provide daily snack for your child.
  8. Daily lunch/lunchbox if your child stays for lunch (11:30-12:30)
  9. 1 bottle of sunscreen to be shared (unless you have a specific sunscreen for your child)
  10. 1 wide face stick of sunscreen labeled with your child’s name (individual use only)
  11. Face coverings/masks to wear indoors, labeled, wash regularly
  12. Walking shoes – sneakers, something comfortable to walk to the park, play soccer, impromptu physical activities. If you have an extra pair that can stay at the school in case your child wears sandals, boots, etc.
  13. Winter clothing – snow pants, snow boots, hats, mittens, coat – when the weather turns, labeled please, extras to leave her during the school year are handy. We do go outside unless it is below zero with wind chill.

Enrichment Schedule:

We are beginning to add enrichment offerings back:

Wednesday – morning – Spanish; afternoon – music

Thursday – afternoon – art

Friday – afternoons in Sept/Oct – UW PE class for PreK